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Anti-bedbug products

  • SOS Traitement Insecticide Naturel ANTI-PUNAISES DE LIT XXL - 500mL

    SOS Bed bugs XXL
    CHOC Insecticide Treatment, eliminates 100% of bed bugs

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  • BOUCLIER Traitement préventif Naturel ANTI-PUNAISES DE LIT - 100mL

    SHIELD Bed Bug for Clothing
    Preventive plant-based spray - Repels bed bugs - 100mL

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  • Répulsif corporel naturel punaises de lit géraniol

    Bed bugs Body ANTI-BITE
    Body repellent spray - Against bed bug bites - 100mL

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  • ROLL-ON ANTI-PIQUE Traitement contre les piqures de Punaises de Lit - 5mL

    Bed Bug Bite Soothing ROLL-ON
    Immediate relief from bed bug bites

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  • SOS Traitement Insecticide Naturel ANTI-PUNAISES DE LIT - 100mL

    SOS Bed bugs
    Eliminates 100% of all bed bugs (eggs, larvae, adults) - 100mL

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The Sereni-d® brand

The Sereni-d® brand

It was after a succession of bad experiences in the bed bug-infested mountain refuges of the GR20 in Corsica, then in an Airbnb rental in Montreal, Canada, and in an office in Geneva, that the idea gradually germinated. Realising that there weren't any effective, natural preventive products or radical, rapid and healthy curative treatments to get rid of bed bugs when infestations occurred, and that this often triggered psychological distress in victims, Marine Falconnet decided in 2021 to fill this gap by developing a range of effective, long-lasting products to help both private individuals and professionals. By bringing together the best experts, the Swiss laboratory Sereni-d® offers concentrated treatments that are naturally effective against bed bugs and their associated problems.

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No compromise between efficiency and durability

No compromise between efficiency and durability

The high efficacy of our active ingredients and formulations is scientifically proven by independent laboratory studies and tests. User safety is our top priority. All our products undergo stringent testing in accordance with European standards and regulations. Clinical studies have been carried out to guarantee that the products are 100% safe and effective. The products are registered with the Ministry of the Environment. Today, over 50,000 families are satisfied.



Living in Geneva, several neighbours in my block of flats are infested with bed bugs, much to my dismay. I use SERENI-D products as a preventive measure on my flat's air vents, window frames and door sills. So far so good at home, and I hope it stays that way!


After a long overnight plane trip to Canada, I had the misfortune to see on my late arrival in my Airbnb that bed bug traps were present... Luckily I had the SERENI-D Shield with me (the 100ml size is accepted in the cabin), so it's become a habit! So I protected my belongings, allowing me to spend a more restful night without worrying too much...


I was able to do the GR20 trek and sleep soundly! Having protected my backpack and clothing with SERENI-D SHIELD and followed all the recommendations, I haven't brought any bed bugs home and I'm very relieved.. I'll soon be setting off on the Way of Compostela, and I'm sure I'll be taking the SHIELD with me.


I'm traumatised by bed bugs, having had to deal with them in the past. At last, a non-toxic alternative for the whole family that's effective for protecting you and stopping you bringing them home! I use the SERENI-D Shield as a preventive measure when I'm out and about, on public transport. Thank you!


A guest brought bed bugs into one of the rented rooms in my rental cottage. When combined with all the mechanical control measures, the SOS spray has proved highly effective against bed bugs and their eggs. The room can be re-let. I now treat the rooms each time I leave to ensure that they are free of unwanted pests...


I regularly rent out my house to families. This year, a family who had made several stops before coming to stay in my house introduced bed bugs to my home, and I didn't realise it until four months later... How dreadful! As the infestation was already on a large scale, I had to call in a professional. I now use the SOS spray between each rental to kill any eggs and larvae invisible to the naked eye! I certainly don't want to deal with them again...

Nathalie B.

After using several ineffective products, the SOS SERENI-D spray got rid of the bed bugs in our bedroom and on our sofa. We couldn't take it any more, and now we can finally sleep in peace again... The smell is pleasant and our cat doesn't mind it, perfect...

Fred. T.

I work in Geneva and bed bugs are a plague. My colleague infested her shared flat two months ago after returning from a youth hostel in Thailand. The SOS spray eradicated the bed bugs from her flat, and I'm glad I had my SHIELD at the office in case an unwanted biting creature escaped...


Currently on a world tour, I sleep in youth hostels from time to time, and it's not unusual to come across infested rooms. I always protect my backpack and clothing with the SERENI-D SHIELD as a preventive measure. I don't get bitten and bed bugs don't get into my bag.

Théo D.

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