Bed Bug Bite Soothing ROLL-ON

Immediate relief from bed bug bites

• Preventive and curative Roll-On against bed bug bites
• Soothes and prevents bed bug bites
• Immediate effect
• Over 50,000 satisfied Sereni-d® customers



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Plant-based active ingredients Plant-based active ingredients
Pleasant fragrance Pleasant fragrance
Does not stain Does not stain
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Sereni-d® ANTI-BED BUG BITE ROLL-ON is composed of a synergy of 100% pure and natural organic essential oils rigorously selected to soothe the skin and prevent future bed bug bites.

While moisturising the skin, it soothes the itching caused by bed bug bites, and speeds up healing thanks to the soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing actions of its 100% pure, organic essential oils.

Sereni-d ROLL-ON also acts preventively, thanks to the bed bug repellent properties of its essential oils.

Sereni-d® satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us using the contact page and we will refund the full amount.

Product property

Synergy of 100% pure and natural organic essential oils selected for their soothing, antiseptic, healing and repellent properties against bed bug bites.
Ideal for use before and after bed bug bites
The first natural ROLL-ON on the market to treat and prevent bed bug bites
Immediate effect and 8-hour protection
Its sunflower oil has a moisturising effect on the skin
Organic Roll-On. At Sereni-d®, everything is still alcohol- and preservative-free
Formula based on the latest studies and research results, COSMOS-certified and registered with the French Ministry of the Environment
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  1. Apply the ROLL-ON to bed bug bites or exposed areas for preventive action.
  2. Reapply when itching returns and before bedtime.
  3. For external use only.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  5. Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children under 7.
  6. Do not expose to sunlight after application.

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Since the 90s, there has been a major upsurge in the number of bed bugs around the world, mainly due to increased travel.

Bed bugs are not a problem of hygiene, but a lack of awareness of the problem, and can be found everywhere you go. Given the way bed bugs spread using infested objects, they are most likely to affect places with a high turnover of people, such as 1 to 5* hotels, mountain refuges, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and campsites, as well as health establishments, libraries and means of transport (planes, trains, etc.).
No location is spared, and even if every measure is put in place to keep the bedding free of bed bugs, nothing can guarantee it.

A single traveller can move a single little bug, which can then find its way into your belongings or simply lay eggs there.
So after a trip, there’s a higher risk of bed bugs being introduced into your own home. Because it is so difficult to get rid of an infestation, it is better to take pre-emptive measures by using the preventive Sereni-d® SHIELD spray during your travels.

Today, it’s also not uncommon for entire buildings to be infested. When this happens, all the inhabitants have to join in the fight at the same time, and this becomes extremely laborious.

If you have the slightest doubt about a neighbour, it’s also a good idea to think ahead to protect yourself.

With Sereni-d® SHIELD, you can reliably combat bed bugs.

The spray acts preventively against bed bugs.

Protect your clothing and luggage the next time you travel or go to places where there’s a high turnover of people.

Protect your home at the first sign of a potentially infested neighbour.

Bed bug bites trigger a skin reaction within three days, with rashes and itching.
Everyone reacts differently, and some people may not develop spots at all.

Bed bugs suck blood and can theoretically transmit blood-borne diseases (hepatitis, HIV, etc.). However, no study on the subject has been able to prove this. Consequently, the risk of disease transmission from a bed bug bite is considered extremely low.
However, once a bed bug has crossed the threshold of our door, an infestation can easily occur, and will generally not be visible until several months later (the time needed for the first bed bug to lay its eggs, for the eggs to hatch and then move onto the larva and adult stage, and for the adults to go on and lay their own eggs…).

That’s why it’s essential to take every possible precaution to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home, and to take matters into your own hands at the first sign of infestation, or between two rentals.

The fight against bed bugs is laborious and often leads to psychological distress for the infested people.

It’s much easier to get rid of them if the infestation is caught early. It’s even better to protect yourself from bed bugs, so you don’t bring them home and start an infestation.
The French Ministry of Solidarity and Health advises you to consult a pest control specialist if the treatment fails. The aim of a treatment is to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs so that the population cannot survive. It’s important to understand that if just one adult bed bug, larva or egg remains, the proliferation can start all over again.
That’s why it often takes several weeks of repeated measurements to overcome the problem.

You’ll then need to check your home regularly to prevent further infestation.

SERENI-D products combined with mechanical methods will be your best option for preventing these pests from returning to your home, and in treating your home or rented rooms in the event of infestation.

Combined with Sereni-d® sprays, mechanical control measures must be put in place to kill bed bugs and their eggs, and ensure long-lasting effectiveness:

  • Wash and dry infested textiles at 60°C minimum to kill bed bugs at every stage of their development, especially eggs and larvae, which are barely visible to the naked eye;
  • Non-washable infested textiles and objects should be packed in airtight bags and frozen for at least 2 days;
  • Regularly vacuum all nooks, crannies and potential hiding places… The vacuum container should be emptied into a tightly sealed plastic bag;
  • Cleaning with a brush to remove eggs;
  • Removing clutter and stacked objects;
  • If possible, steam the bedding and potential bed bug hiding places to destroy eggs;
  • Removal of sofas in case of heavy infestation.

Find out more about mechanical control tips, here.

Bed bugs can be found in all dark places in the home, such as furniture, mattresses, bed bases, suitcases, bags, textiles, picture frames, cracks, skirting boards, light switches, sockets, etc.

Yes, it’s a real pain!

Bed bugs like to live close to human sleeping areas, as they feed on blood after dark. But once they’ve laid their eggs in one place and founded a colony, they’ll then go and lay eggs elsewhere to found other colonies… That’s their development principle! This means that many bedrooms can be infested, as well as places where people stay for several hours, such as sofas.

Correct diagnosis generally requires intensive research and, if necessary, the advice of a pest control specialist. That said, there are the following clear signs and indicators:

  • Wandering bed bugs that move freely on the bed or wall. Unfortunately, this usually only happens when the infestation is already significant and some bed bugs dare to venture out in broad daylight in search of a meal. As bed bugs prefer to move around at night, you can also turn on the lights in the middle of the night to detect their presence and an infestation as early as possible…;
  • Bed bugs or their signs (black stains of excrement residue, brownish shells (shed skin), milky white eggs) in the typical hiding places such as bed bases, mattress seams, skirting boards, behind picture frames, light switches, wallpaper, etc.;
  • Tiny bloodstains on clothing/bedding left by bed bugs after biting;
  • Grouped or aligned spots.

Sereni-d® offers two ready-to-use sprays. A SHIELD spray for preventive use and a SOS spray for curative use.

The SHIELD preventive Anti-Bed Bug textile spray is to be used when travelling in places with a high turnover of people, such as hotels, country cottages, B&Bs, hiking and trekking refuges, youth hostels, but also public transport (plane, train, etc.), health establishments, libraries, etc.
Spray on personal belongings such as luggage and textiles to prevent bed bugs. This will ensure that no bed bugs get into your belongings and lay eggs. The spray can also be used on entry points to the home (window frames, door sills, air vents) if a neighbour is infested.

The SERENI-D SOS Anti-Bed Bugs spray is for use in the event of a bed bug infestation, or at the slightest suspicion of the presence of bed bugs for private individuals and professionals. When used on bedding and hiding places, the spray destroys bed bugs in all their stages of development (egg, larva, adult) immediately (within 30 minutes of direct contact or after a bed bug has passed over the treated area) by acting on their nervous systems and exoskeletons. Treatment combined with mechanical measures should be repeated within the week, then every 2 to 4 weeks once the problem has gone away.

You are a professional (hotels, youth hostels, rental cottages, mountain refuges, B&Bs, etc.) or private individual, and regularly rent out a room or accommodation via Airbnb or other means. So you’re very likely to be affected by bed bugs at some point in the life of your home.

As a preventive measure between two rentals and to avoid any infestation, you can treat your home to destroy any eggs and larvae that may have been deposited.

Use SERENI-D SOS Anti-Bed Bugs on bedding and dark corners around beds and sofas.

The amount of spray required depends on the size of your home.

The 100ml format is suitable for treating objects and small surfaces. The XXL 500ml format is suitable for treating entire rooms or flats.

  • Vacuum under the bed and behind the headboard regularly;
  • Eliminate clutter;
  • Seal the cracks in your home;
  • Check second-hand bedding and objects before bringing them into your home;
  • Inspect your home regularly (bedding, electrical sockets, etc.);
  • If you are disposing of an infested object, take it to the waste recycling centre.