Bedbugs in the mattress: inspection and processing

Do you suspect bedbugs in your home? A bite while you sleep, traces of their presence, blood stains on the sheets: inspect your mattress quickly! It’s usually a favourite spot for bedbugs. How do you know if you have bedbugs in your mattress? What are the solutions for getting rid of these bedding pests?

Why do bedbugs live in mattresses?

Signs of bedbugs in the mattress: time for inspection!

These insects are particularly prevalent in mattresses and all kinds of bedding, which are bedbugs’ favourite habitats. Here’s where to look precisely to reveal their presence and solve the problem.

Why do bedbugs live in mattresses?

When there’s a bedbug infestation, the first rooms to inspect are the bedrooms. Indeed, bedbugs are small insects that feed on our blood (their only source of food) during the night. Bedroom bedding and mattresses provide an ideal environment for these parasites, which prefer to hide in dark places close to their prey. Bedbugs love mattresses for their many seams, and nooks and crannies.

Careful mattress inspection

Here’s how to inspect your mattress so you don’t miss out on a bedbug infestation. Start by lifting the mattress, and examining the seams, edges and folds. You can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight for a more precise examination.

Signs of bedbugs in sheets

Sheets may show traces of blood, but also black stains which are a sign of their droppings. Check all bed linen: mattress protector, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bolster as well as duvet covers. N. B. It will be easier to detect the presence of bedbugs in your bedding if you have light-coloured sheets.

Bedbug on the bed base and legs

Bed bases can also be excellent hiding places for bedbugs, especially slatted bases. Check every gap between the slats, and remember to inspect the legs too. You can find adult bedbugs, as well as eggs, larvae and shed skin.

Inspecting mattresses for bedbugs
Steam cleaner for killing bedbugs in mattresses

Anti-bedbug treatment for bedding

Several solutions exist to effectively get rid of bedbugs in your bedding and prevent infestation. To give yourself the best chance of success, we recommend a combination of treatments.

Mechanical mattress treatment against bedbugs

Start by removing bedbugs from inside the mattress using a steam cleaner. The heat emitted by the steam cleaner (between 90 and 100°C) will rapidly kill the parasites. It’s an effective solution that treats thermally using high heat and no chemicals.

Start by placing your mattress in the centre of the room, so that all sides can be treated. Pay particular attention to seams and folds. Once the steam cleaner has been thoroughly cleaned, proceed with a natural insecticide treatment.

Mattress disinfection: choose a natural insecticide!

To go one step further and make sure you kill all bedbugs at all their stages of development (eggs, larvae, adult bugs), apply a natural insecticide. At Sereni-d, we’ve developed the SOS bedbug curative treatment, a shock-effect spray that eliminates 100% of bedbugs. It is perfectly suited to treating mattresses and bedding, thanks to its natural composition of plant-based pyrethrum flower extract and essential oils with insecticidal properties. Ideal for safe, long-lasting night-time protection!

Chemical insecticides for mattresses: Caution danger!

Using a chemical insecticide or biocide to treat mattresses or bed linen can be hazardous to your health, especially as bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to certain chemical molecules. We therefore recommend banning toxic products and favouring natural treatment, complemented by good mechanical practices.

100% natural solution

SOS Bedbugs Remedy Treatment

SOS Bedbugs Curative Treatment eradicates bedbugs thanks to its concentrated formula. Immediately effective, spray directly onto textiles, bedding and surfaces.

SOS ANTI-BEDBUGS Natural Insecticide Treatment XXL - 500ml
  • Ready-to-use curative spray
  • Immediate, safe, long-lasting protection
  • Eliminates 100% of all bedbugs (eggs, larvae, adults)


How to trap bedbugs?

Anti-bedbug covers

To protect yourself from bedbug bites at night, and to eradicate the last hardy bedbugs, especially their eggs, protect your bedding with a special anti-bedbug cover. This type of cover, like the anti-mite cover, is full-fitting and completely envelopes the mattress on the one hand, and generally made of a multi-layer non-woven fabric to form a total barrier to bedbugs trapped inside on the other hand. Some covers guarantee a micron-level seal for total protection. These covers are also available for pillows. These are effective ways of combating bedbug infestation and preventing bites while you sleep.

Good mechanical practices for eliminating bedbugs

In addition to bedbug treatments, a thorough cleaning of the infested room is essential.

  • Regularly vacuum every nook and cranny of the room, and dispose of the contents of the dustbin in an airtight bag.
  • If possible, steam-clean treatable surfaces (floors, skirting boards, furniture, etc.)
  • Put bed linen, clothes, curtains and carpets in the washing machine at 60°C, or the freezer at -18°C for 2 days.

Bedbugs: should the mattress be disposed of?

If you decide to throw away your mattress in desperation, it’s important to take steps to avoid contaminating other rooms in your home, the common areas of the building, your neighbours or anyone else who might pick up your mattress.

So let your local council know before you leave your mattress in the street, and make sure you wrap it to prevent the spread of bedbugs.

Faut-il jeter le matelas en cas d'infestation de punaise de lit ?

Preventive Sereni-d solution

Sleep easy with Sereni-d Shield Textile: this preventive plant-based spray offers safe, long-lasting protection against bedbugs. Its concentrated formula of plant-based pyrethrum flower extract combined with its essential oil complex repels bedbugs if you suspect a nearby pest.

SHIELD Bed Bug for Clothing

Preventive plant-based spray - Repels bed bugs - 100mL

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